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"It's been evident for some time now that Chattanooga's hip-hop scene is among the most relevant and fertile in the country. But when an artist truly defies characterization and produces something that feels completely original, people quickly take notice. And people certainly have been taking notice of Chattanooga rapper-producer Rock Floyd for some time now.

Instead of clinging to the sounds of familiar rap tropes and hip-hop history, Rock works through his influences by combining and rearranging certain sections piecemeal, creating a far larger and more creative whole than when he began. His songs wander through fractured landscapes where the lines between genres blur until they’re basically nonexistent. Pulling in bits of synth pop, rock, electronic and hip-hop, his shifting musical allegiance gives him the leeway to veer between rhythmic avenues without having to pause and readjust his perspective.

On his latest record, "Free Music," he presents himself as an artist without a static foundation. The sounds coursing through these songs feel so alive that you can practically hear their hearts beating above the music. He’s gathered together a handful of local musicians and producers to help flesh out the record, including Kindora, Swayyvo and EJ4rmda5thFlo, among others. This communal spirit gives the songs a fuller sense of their own identity, as they’re not necessarily beholden to any one creative vision. They encompass a wider range of both emotion and instrumentation." -NOOGA.COM